School Leader Support


School leaders with busy administrative and sometimes teaching responsibilities often don’t have time to envision the future for curriculum and instruction of their school.

Transformed PD provides consultation and training to help school administrators and teacher leaders pilot, establish, sustain and assess programs for professional learning and curriculum innovation.  Teacher training can also be provided for specific instructional best practices in literacy, assessment, and lesson planning.

Transformed PD Training Intended Outcomes:

  • Sustained professional learning
  • Implementation and support with innovations in curriculum and instruction
  • Administrator and Teacher Leader confidence with in-house professional learning programs

Transformed PD Program Offerings:

  • Instructional Coaching Program Establishment
  • New Teacher Training Program
  • Curriculum Review and Alignment
  • Professional Learning Program Development
  • Best Practices in Literacy

IMG_0557Annie Gallagher has over 20 years of experience in public and Christian education as a classroom teacher, remedial learning teacher, Director of Curriculum, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum.  As Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum of the largest Christian school system in the United States, Annie led programs for biblical integration, quality instruction and assessment, new teacher training, and curriculum alignment, as well as facilitated programs for technology integration. 

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