Biblically Integrated Instruction


PAQFINALBiblically integrated instruction is a distinguishing feature of Christian education that contributes to the spiritual formation process within students

PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction requires students to analyze subject area content with a biblical worldview lens.

Christian school educators provide many routines and experiences that create a Christian culture, such as prayer, Bible study, and their life witness as followers of Jesus Christ.  

PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction training guides teachers in planning and teaching lessons which foster students’ critical analysis of content from a biblical worldview.  Schools that have participated in PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction  training have seen teachers apply the instructional strategies the very next day in the classroom.  Instructional strategies are designed to:

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PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction Training Intended Outcomes:

  • Teacher Confidence with Worldview Integration as part of Instructional Design
  • Practical Understanding of How To’s for Biblical Worldview Integration
  • Working Knowledge of Instructional Strategies for Biblical Worldview Integration
  • Intentionality with Planning and Teaching Balanced Integrated Units without Over Powering Regular Curriculum

PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction training is a unique professional development solution.

  • Regional Events
  • Onsite Options Tailored for Each School
    • Biblical Worldview Integration Training –single or multi-day events
    • Instructional Coaching for Biblical Worldview Integration – Small groups, short and long term support
    • Instructional Coaching Program Development
    • Instructional Coaching Training for Biblical Worldview Integration
    • Instructional Coaching Program Support and Consultation

Training and Materials are provided by Annie Gallagher M.Ed. in conjunction with Summit Ministries.



Annie is a seasoned Christian educator and administrator who completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Columbia International University.  She conducted her dissertation experimental research on the Impact of Instructional Coaching on Teachers’ Application of Biblically Integrated Instruction.

Contact Annie at 502-220-2450 or

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