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Annie Gallagher completed a Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction through Columbia International University in April of 2016.  Her research centered on ways to integrate biblical truth into classroom instruction through instructional coaching.  Since completing her research study in January, she has been providing training and support for teachers of Christian schools in biblically integrated instruction and instructional coaching in collaboration with Summit Ministries.  Annie also works as an independent consultant to schools in the areas of curriculum alignment and instructional practice.

The PAQ method for biblically integrated instruction was developed by Dr. Gallagher.  PAQ is a synthesis of several models of biblical integration approaches, and best practices of instructional design.  Training in the PAQ method includes coaching in content unit planning and classroom teaching so that teachers are able to engage students to understand how Christ is revealed through the curriculum.

Supporting and training other educators to fulfill their God given calling as teachers is Annie’s passion.  With the aspiration to radiate the “fragrance of Christ” in all things, she enjoys working with teachers and administrators in a variety of settings as a professional developer, instructional coach, workshop leader, speaker and consultant.  Recent presentations include: Biblically Integrated Instruction Defined; What Does My Subject Have to do with Jesus?; Spiritual Formation for Pre K and Elementary Students; and Leading Professional Development for Technology Use.  Annie has recently delivered a key note address, provided administrator and teacher leader training in instructional coaching and biblically integrated instruction, facilitated ongoing instructional coaching programs with biblically integrated instruction, and conducted in-service programs at several K-12 Christian schools accredited by ACSI.

Kentucky is where Annie and her husband of 31 years happily call home.  They have three children who have grown up on their small farm and are now navigating their way through life, thankfully still seeking after the Lord.

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