Transformed PD Services

Transformed PD Services Are Training & Coaching for Christ-Centered Instruction

Transformed PD services include an observable, repeatable, measurable professional development solution for the faculty and administration at Christian schools by way of our PAQ Method. Click here to learn more about The PAQ Method.

Build up the teachers and leaders of your school by providing ongoing, goal-driven professional development. We offer practical teaching strategies for biblical integration that teachers can implement in the classroom the very next day. Transformed PD team members will assist you in creating long-term professional development programs aligned with identified student needs, curriculum goals, and teacher preferences.

Transformed PD Training

teachers helping each other prepare for class
Transformed PD’s comprehensive biblical-integration training will:
  • Enable Christ-centered instruction to become a regular part of how your school provides quality learning opportunities.
  • Engage teachers during training; staff and faculty experience the procedure for planning and teaching Christ-centered instruction with our guidance.
  • Use a biblically-based coaching model to develop teachers’ skills to foster students’ worldview thinking in all content areas.
  • Be applicable to all grade levels (K-12) and subjects.

PAQ Coach and Teacher training can earn ACSI Educational CEU’s, an added benefit for professional development in biblically integrated instruction.

Transformed PD also offers a fully digital PAQ Refresher course for schools who have already undergone the full PAQ Method training and need to re-visit the concepts or onboard new faculty.

Typical PAQ Method Training Lifecycle

Total Timeline: 1.5 School Years

Phase 1 – 2 Semesters: 

  • A small group of teachers is trained as Instructional Coaches in The PAQ Method via an initial 3-day training session. 
  • Instructional Coaches then teach one Christ-centered unit per grading period and peer-coach each other with the support of a Transformed PD team member.

Phase 2 – 1 Semester:  

  • Full faculty are trained in the PAQ Method via a 2-3 day training session. 
  • Instructional Coaches peer coach another teacher.
  • The rest of the faculty work in collaborative groups (PLCs) to teach one Christ-centered unit with follow-up reflection and feedback discussions.

Start to Finish: 

  • Transformed PD team members walk the faculty and administrators through the entire process.
PAQ training diagram of the coaching process as part of Transformed PD services

What Does The Bible Say About Professional Development?

The core mission of Transformed PD relies on a biblical model for coaching and training teachers in The PAQ Method; it’s the key for building a lasting foundation for critical, Christ-centered thinking in the classroom. Our team trains teachers as coaches, who subsequently train other teachers until the entire faculty is applying The PAQ Method. 

We can see examples of followers receiving professional development this way throughout scripture: Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, and Jesus and the 12 Disciples.

Paul also trained people to train others as indicated in 2 Timothy 4:11 and 2 Timothy 2:2.

Our Clients

We have proudly partnered with the following schools for professional development to implement The PAQ Method: