Training & Coaching for Christ Centered Instruction

Enable Christ-centered instruction to become a regular part of how your school provides quality learning opportunities. Rather than sit and hear about Christ-centered instruction, teachers participate and experience the procedure for planning and teaching Christ centered instruction. Using a biblically based coaching model, teachers develop skills to foster students’ worldview thinking in all content areas.

PAQ Coach and Teacher training can also earn ACSI Educational CEU’s, an added benefit for professional development in biblically integrated instruction.

Curriculum & Instruction Program Management

Have confidence in curriculum adoption and implementation! Let Transformed PD help you create short term and long-term cycles for reviewing curriculum results, proposing curriculum adjustments, implementing new curriculum. We’ll help you create an overall curriculum adoption plan that lays out the steps needed to include:

  • Promote teacher collaboration
  • Guide professional development offerings
  • Consider standards
  • Account for student performance data

Curriculum Mapping

Ensure a viable curriculum when accurate curriculum maps are created in your curriculum mapping system. School leaders need curriculum maps to see the big picture of what, when, and how subject content is taught. Curriculum maps can be extremely helpful for teachers new to your school if documented clearly and accurately. Returning teachers can use curriculum maps to improve instruction, collaborate for common expectations, and make cross curricular connections. All teachers can use curriculum maps to discover links to student performance.

Transformed PD can assist curriculum leaders in planning and maintaining the curriculum mapping process, so it is:

  • Manageable for teachers
  • Aligned to accreditation requirements
  • Compatible with any curriculum mapping system

Professional Development

Thomas Guskey (2000) defines professional development as “processes and activities designed to enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators so that they might, in turn, improve the learning of students”.

Biblical examples of followers receiving professional development can be seen in the lives of Joshua and Elisha, Moses and Joshua, as well as Elijah and Elisha. Paul also trained people to train others as indicated in 2 Timothy 4:11 and 2 Timothy 2:2.

Build up the teachers and leaders of your school by providing ongoing, goal-driven professional development. Provide meaningful training for practical teaching strategies that teachers can implement the very next day. Transformed PD team members will assist you in creating long term professional development programs aligned with identified student needs, curriculum goals, and teacher preferences.

Accreditation Planning & Support

Prepare in advance to meet accreditation standards with appropriate philosophy, curriculum, classroom instruction, professional development, and teacher evaluation processes and matching documentation. If you are within a few years of your next accreditation visit, we can help you communicate and showcase the strengths of your academic program. If you need assistance in establishing needed processes, we can help with that too!