Revealing Christ and worldview principles in your curriculum is what the PAQ Method, provided by Transformed PD, is all about.

The PAQ method is based on the idea that Christ-centered instruction is the process of instructional planning and teaching to get students to think in a way to connect and compare the subject matter and skills they are learning to a biblical worldview. Teachers are thrilled to have a set of steps to guide their unit planning, as well as their classroom instruction, that insure students do the worldview thinking and analysis. Students ultimately discover how biblical truth is revealed in every subject.

Integration is not an accurate term when referring to the type of instruction needed for Christian education. Colossians 1:15-17 tells us that Christ is in and through all things of creation. Therefore, teachers are not inserting biblical truth. Rather, using the PAQ Method, teachers create learning experiences where biblical truth of the subject matter is revealed to students by way of Scripture analysis and collaborative critical thinking. Rather than biblically integrated, it is Christ-centered.


Purpose | Assumptions | Questions

PAQ is an acronym for each of the three strategies used to reveal worldview principles in the content. The scope and sequence of curriculum may lend itself to apply the P Strategy to establish the biblical Purpose or foundational principles of the unit. The second option would be to apply the A strategy where planned learning experiences engage students to connect and compare worldview Assumptions exposed in the content with biblical worldview assumptions. The third option to foster worldview thinking in students is to ask Questions where students have to make an ethical choice or life application with the revealed worldview principles.

Seven indicators guide how teachers plan their units. Seven indicators guide teachers how to provide classroom instruction so that students apply a biblical filter to analyze the ideas and concepts of the curriculum. Even kindergarten students can be taught in a developmentally appropriate way to think biblically.

Review testimony: PAQ training has changed the way I prepare my lessons and teach math.

PAQ Training Method

quote reading The material is so rich and relevant and very timely information for us as a school
Quote reading The material is so rich and relevant, and very timely information for us as a school.

Training for PAQ is based on the discipleship model Jesus used to prepare his twelve closest followers for ministry. The same research-supported best practices for professional development including direct instruction, modeling, discussion, collaboration, and practice opportunities are included in the training model for PAQ.

Transformed PD is proud to offer PAQ Refresher Training, a flexible, self-led training package reviewing all the basics of The PAQ Method. Perfect for refreshing your faculty or introducing new faculty and administrators to the method.

This fully-digital package is only available to schools who have already gone through the full in-person PAQ Training sessions.

The PAQ Refresher Training package includes:

  • 5 Video Training Sessions
  • 10 Digital Participant Playbooks*
  • 1 Digital Facilitator Guide
  • A user-friendly dashboard to access all materials
  • Support from a Transformed PD team member
  • A year-long membership allowing faculty to learn on a flexible timeline


The PAQ Refresher Training program is available for purchase at the introductory price of $999.

*Additional participant playbooks downloads are available for $15 each. Please purchase one playbook per teacher.

Phase I

Phase I involves a small group of teachers who are trained first in the PAQ Method for Christ-centered teaching. Next this small group of teachers is trained in how to be Instructional Coaches for Christ-centered instruction. Newly trained Instructional Coaches for Christ-centered instruction coach each other one time per nine weeks with the support of a Transformed PD team member.

Phase II

Phase II involves training the full faculty in the PAQ Method for Christ-centered teaching. Instructional Coaches for PAQ partner with a teacher to be coached. Coached teachers teach a Christ-centered unit and are coached one time per nine weeks. The rest of the faculty work together in collaborative groups to teach one Christ-centered unit per nine weeks with follow-up reflection and feedback discussions.

a diagram showing the PAQ method

Typically, the full training plan lasts 1.5 school years with the overall plan for every teacher to participate in a coaching partnership within 3 years.

Testiomonial of the PAQ method from Wheaton Christian Grammar School
testimonial quote in regards to the paq method "The training was really helpful for me. I now understand what instruction entails.
Testimonial: Wow all of it. I love the intentionality of this process and how its designed to effectively and authentically biblically integrate in order to captivate our students minds for Christ.