Annie Gallagher of Transformed PD head and shoulder shot

About Annie Gallagher

Annie Gallagher, founder of Transformed PD, is a follower of Jesus Christ, professional development coach, instructional program consultant, teacher, wife, and mother who currently lives in Kentucky. She has coached Christian educators and instructional leaders in the US and internationally in how to authentically plan and teach Christ-centered instruction, so students see God revealed in content area subject matter.

Dr. Gallagher is primarily known for coaching teachers through the PAQ method of providing Christ-centered instruction, which she developed as part of her doctoral research at Columbia International University that was supported by Summit Ministries.

Dr. Gallagher has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and institutes on the topics of defining and teaching biblically integrated instruction, coaching teachers to provide biblically integrated instruction, and beginning a coaching program. She has also conducted webinars for ACSI Early Education on spiritual formation in preschool children.

With over 20 years of experience in public and Christian education as a classroom teacher, remedial learning teacher, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, and consultant, Annie Gallagher has also led programs for instructional coaching, quality instruction and assessment, new teacher training, curriculum alignment, and strategic instructional program planning.

Annie Gallagher’s Mission & Vision

Dr. Gallagher’s desire is to serve her Lord Jesus Christ through Christian education. The experience and knowledge she has gained in various roles as an educator have equipped her to provide relevant, engaging, and impactful professional development. She believes that by facilitating professional growth in teachers and administrators focused on Kingdom education, students will benefit by receiving quality biblical education. In turn, the biblical education will foster a saving relationship with Jesus Christ demonstrated through Christ-like thinking and living.