Build Up Teachers

Administrators are busy people. Monitoring budgets, building relationships with families, managing discipline, fostering culture, and supervising staff are just few responsibilities assigned to school principals, and heads of school. Often school leaders are short on time to envision the future for curriculum and instructional programming for their school.

Transformed PD team members provide consultation and training to help school administrators and teacher leaders pilot, establish, sustain and assess programs for professional learning and curriculum innovation. Teacher training provided by Transformed PD can be provided for best practices in literacy instruction, assessment, lesson planning, and critical thinking.

When partnering with Transformed PD for professional development needs busy administrators can confidently:

  • Implement and support innovations in curriculum and instruction
  • Sustain ongoing, quality professional development experiences
  • Contribute to a culture of learning

Professional Development Program Offerings:

  • Christ-Centered Instruction
  • Creating Quality Curriculum Maps
  • Instructional Coaching Program Start-up
  • New Teacher Training Program
  • Curriculum Review and Alignment
  • Assessment Practices
  • Best Practices in Literacy
Build Up Teachers 1

Annie Gallagher has over 20 years of experience in public and Christian education as a classroom teacher, remedial learning teacher, Director of Curriculum, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum. Annie has led programs for Christ-centered instruction, quality instruction and assessment, new teacher training, and curriculum alignment, as well as facilitated programs for technology integration.

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