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New ACSI Publication “Leading Insights” Released With Annie Gallagher Contribution

August 3,2023

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) released its monograph publication titled Leading Insights:Biblical Worldview and Spiritual Formation featuring Transformed PD’s Dr. Annie Gallagher as a contributing author. This work delves into the fundamental essence of Christian education, focusing on nurturing students’ hearts and minds to become ambassadors of Christ and reconcilers in God’s creation.

Dr. Gallagher authored a chapter titled “The Faculty Development Perspective: Training Teachers for Biblical Worldview and Spiritual Formation.” Her writing unpacks what successful professional development for biblically integrated instruction looks like inside a classroom. 

Years ago, it was difficult to find trustworthy and practical guidance in the definition and praxis for biblical worldview development and spiritual formation. This newest publication serves to fill the gap with a holistic presentation

-Dr. Annie Gallagher

To order your copy of Leading Insights: Biblical Worldview and Spiritual Formation, please visit the ACSI’s Purposeful Design Publications Online Store

About ACSI’s Leading Insights 

“ACSI’s Leading Insights series highlights the latest thinking on best practices for Christian school educators in areas of key importance in their schools. Each monograph in the series draws on leading experts, as well as Christian school perspectives and voices, to share fresh ideas for advancing your school’s Christ-centered mission in an important area of focus.” (

Along with Dr. Gallagher, ACSI’s Leading Insights:Biblical Worldview and Spiritual Formation features content authored by many other esteemed leaders, teachers, and researchers who have worked extensively in and with Christian schools. The wisdom and insight shared in the book are priceless in shaping the biblical worldview of students and giving educators the confidence to effectively lead their classrooms in biblical integration. Included are practical strategies and a culminating reflection guide that will benefit readers in any role—whether in leadership, spiritual life oversight, classroom teaching, curricular planning, faculty professional development, or service-learning—as well as school teams seeking to grow in faithfulness to their Christ-centered mission.

About ACSI

For more than 40 years, ACSI has faithfully lived out its mission around the world:

To strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. They do so by assisting, encouraging, and developing schools that contribute to the public good through effective teaching and learning and that are biblically sound, academically rigorous, socially engaged, and culturally relevant; and educators who embody a biblical worldview, engage in transformational teaching and disciplining, and embrace personal and professional growth.

To learn more about ACSI and all of the professional development and education they provide visit the ACSI official website.

About Dr. Annie Gallagher

Annie Gallagher is the founder of Transformed PD, a follower of Jesus Christ, professional development coach, instructional program consultant, teacher, wife, and mother who currently lives in Kentucky. She has coached Christian educators and instructional leaders in the US and internationally in how to authentically plan and teach Christ-centered instruction, so students see God revealed in content area subject matter. She is primarily known for coaching teachers through Transformed PD’s PAQ Method of providing Christ-centered instruction. Dr. Gallagher has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and institutes on the topics of defining and teaching biblically integrated instruction, coaching teachers to provide biblically integrated instruction, and beginning a coaching program. She has also conducted webinars for ACSI Early Education on spiritual formation in preschool children.

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