Practical Teaching Strategies

Effective models of professional development for educators are job-embedded and include presentation of the theory behind the innovation, demonstration of the innovation, initial practice in the training session, and prompt feedback and reflection about the implementation. Relationship building and trust are also characteristics of successful professional development efforts.

Transformed PD services provided by Annie Gallagher includes training in:

Instructional Design

  • Planning units that with appropriate assessment for learning objectives
  • Eliminating unnecessary content
  • Planning for application

Assessment Strategies

  • Formative assessment methods
  • Summative assessment options

Instructional Strategies

  • Teaching for critical thinking
  • Teaching to move concepts to long term memory
  • Teaching so that learning transfers to real life

Instructional Coaching

  • Conducting coaching conversations
  • Conducting observations
  • Collecting data
  • Working with adult learners

Supporting and training other educators so they can fulfill their God-given calling as teachers is Annie Gallagher’s passion.

Annie is a seasoned Christian educator and administrator who is currently completing her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Colulmbia International Univsersity.  She is conducting her dissertation experimental research on the Impact of Instructional Coaching on Teachers’ Application of Biblically Integrated Instruction.

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