Try Coaching with Biblical Integration

Training in biblically integrated instruction paired with coaching results in significant improvement in lesson planning and teaching.

The experimental study I recently examined the impact of coaching on teacher’s application of biblically integrated instruction.  Biblically integrated instruction, a distinguishing feature of Christian education, contributes to the spiritual formation process within students.

Studies have shown teachers often lack knowledge, confidence, or skill related to application of biblically integrated instruction.  The problem appears to be poor understanding among Christian educators about what is considered biblically integrated instruction, as well as how to implement biblically integrated instruction.  Administrators also report a lack of professional knowledge on their part to provide training in biblically integrated instruction.

A second problem related to biblically integrated instruction is an absence of professional development for teachers and administrators in biblically integrated instructional knowledge, implementation methods, and instructional proficiency.

A control and an experimental school from the Mid America Region of ACSI were designated for the study.  Eleven teachers from the control school and 13 teachers from the experimental school received training for biblically integrated instruction, while the experimental group also received coaching.  A questionnaire, instructional plan rubric, and classroom observation rubric were used to collect data and analyze teachers’ instructional application of biblically integrated instruction.

Coached teachers demonstrated positive mean gains on all indicators, and demonstrated statistically significant differences in perceptions and application of lesson planning, and instructional praxis of biblically integrated instruction compared to non-coached teachers.  Non-coached teachers demonstrated negative mean gain scores on a number of rubric indicators for application of biblically integrated instruction.

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